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Driving innovation
Your Super App Platform as a Service

We drive innovation across different industries as Banking, Insurance, Travel, Retail, Media, Smart Cities… Helping them becoming a “Super App”
broadening their value proposition with a focus on sustainability
and increasing their user’s satisfaction and engagement offering the best personalized opportunities at the right time and place, covering multiple aspects of users’ daily personal and commercial lives.


Our platform, developed with the most advanced technology based on AI and geo smart location technology, establishes a relationship of trust with the user, a communication based on their tastes, interests, values and needs where the user always has control of their personal information.

Confidential personal information

We use the most advanced systems to safeguard personal information, complying with legislation and constantly updating.

Through the latest technology, utilizing encrypted storage of user’s profiles locally on their mobile, avoiding sensitive data in cloud servers. We guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the information.


We do not sell or distribute information. The user is always in control, he is the boss and the one who decides when to share his profile to receive our services. In addition, our system has a gamification and rewards system according to the user’s profile and activities.

Technology promoting sustainability and positive social impact

We are committed to using technology to promote sustainable practices and create positive change in user behavior. We are the guide towards sustainability. Through our Super App we facilitate the most sustainable, local options, training and informing the user at the right time and place to create a positive social impact. Plus, more sustainable choices receive more rewards.

Our Values
Our impact on the world
Our superapp PLATFORM
Global possibilities at your fingertips

Super App platform that can bring your business and your customers to the next level.

Our super-app platform can give the extra mile to your business providing multiple services at one touch point and enabling our customers to deliver exceptional, customer-centric personalized experiences to their users, increasing their engagement and satisfaction.

At OmniaX International, we are leading the super app revolution, a global trend that has demonstrated its success in dynamic markets such as China. Super apps are redefining how people interact with technology and businesses, and we are committed to bringing this wave of innovation to your company. Here are concrete facts that highlight why super apps are the direction the market is heading:

Explosive global growth trend
The super app market is experiencing explosive growth worldwide. According to Gartner, 50% of the population will be super app users by 2027. This trend reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards comprehensive and multifunctional solutions.
Robust business model
Super apps benefit from a robust business model based on service diversification. Revenue comes from multiple sources, including financial transactions, advertising, and premium subscriptions. This diversification reduces dependence on a single income source and ensures long-term financial stability.
Success in markets across Asia
Super Apps provide a more engaging, personalized and powerful experience for consumers and this explains their huge popularity within Asian markets over recent years – for example: WeChat in China (1.6B Users, 50B USD MCap), Gojek in Indonesia (38mill users; 11B USD MCap), Paytm in India (89M users; 6.6B USD MCap).
Open banking
In the Western world, the rise of Super Apps has been much slower, primarily because banks and fintechs have dominated the digital market due to regulation and security concerns. However, the rapid momentum towards Open Banking in North America and Europe is shifting these dynamics and opening up opportunities for Super Apps to emerge in these markets.
Opportunities for Innovation
Super apps provide a fertile ground for continuous innovation. The ability to add and expand services offers opportunities to introduce new features and improvements continuously. This allows you to maintain a competitive advantage and adapt quickly to changing market demands.
User interconnectivity and retention
A key feature of super apps is their ability to keep users engaged and connected. Users are drawn to the convenience of having multiple services under one roof. This increases user retention and constant interaction, which is essential for your company's ongoing health and growth.
Super App changes the consumer digital habits
Super Apps are set to fundamentally change consumers’ digital habits and preferences over the coming years, and this will have major implications for businesses in all consumer-facing industries.
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Potential Clients
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Banks, Insurance Companies, Media, Destinations, Hotel & Retail chains, Airlines, Cruises, Train, Airports, Tour Operators, Smart Cities, Associantions and Member clubs… 

The Team at OmniAx

Our extensive highly experienced international team comprises accredited experts with large networks who have founded more than 15 companies and employed more than 1500 people.

We are present in the Nordics, Germany and Spain.

Founder & Executive Chairman

Visionary tech entrepreneur. Engaged more than 500 people and created values at 300M Euro at most .

Founder & CEO

Contract Lawyer, expertise in International Business Law. Entrepreneur in retail and tech.

Why Invest in OmniaX?

We are in a mission to fulfill a dream: to create a lifestyle of ease and efficiency through reliable technology focused on sustainability towards a positive social impact.

Believe in
tech's positive impact

At OmniaX International, sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our super app and our vision for a better future. We recognize the responsibility we have to develop technology that is not only efficient and effective but also has a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

We believe each small action can make a big impact. To make people think how we can respect nature in the way we consume things, in the way we live our daily lives. Knowledge makes you choose better. 

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